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Guys Hill

Guys Hill Reserve


The Reserve is actively managed so as to protect natural values, whilst allowing regulated and responsible community access.

This Management Plan is being developed in consultation with key stakeholders such as the DSE, Cardinia Environment Coalition, Melbourne Water, the Shire of Cardinia, Southern Rural Water, the Australian Platypus Conservancy, the CFA, Fisheries Victoria and Cardinia Catchment Landcare Inc.

High priority management actions to be completed within the next 12 months include;

  • Distribution of the Draft Management Plan to key stakeholders and other interested parties.
  • Ratification of a Management Plan, following input from other agencies.
  • Urgent weed control works.
  • Identification of Reserve boundaries, with erection of fences and/or gates, as required.
  • Provision of signage relating to Victorian Fishing regulations and the protection of platypus.

Introduction and current situation 

The study area 

The Reserve is 11 hectares in size and is located at Guy’s Hill, between the Beaconsfield – Emerald Road and Cardinia Creek. The Reserve is valued for its natural environment, located within a short distance of expanding urban areas such as Beaconsfield and Berwick. The surrounding land uses include:

  • Small rural living lots, including both bush blocks and grazing properties, on both sides of Cardinia Creek, with lot sizes typically between 3 and 10 hectares;
  • The Berwick- Montuna Golf Club adjoins the southern section of the reserve and extends on to both sides of Cardinia Creek;
  • Residential housing in Guy’s Hill township;
  • Cardinia Creek Parklands is located beyond the golf course to the south west.
  • Berwick town centre is approx. 3km to the south west.
  • Beaconsfield is approx. 2km. to the south.
  • Upper Beaconsfield village is approx.3 km to the north.

The Reserve is entirely located within the Shire of Cardinia but properties to the west adjoining the Reserve are located in the City of Casey.

The Reserve is shown on Map A and is divided into 4 areas or precincts for the purposes of preparing management actions. The precincts are:

  1. The grassed area south-west of Luke Place largely cleared of indigenous vegetation.
  2. The long riparian strip, which generally contains pre-settlement vegetation cover.
  3. A narrow southern riparian strip, currently utilised by the Berwick- Montuna Golf Club.
  4. A small parcel of land to the north of Luke Place, which is currently used for grazing purposes.

Plan methodology and Consultation 


This plan was prepared by the Cardinia Environment Coalition Inc. to guide the future management, protection and development of the Reserve. On 29 May 2008, members of the Committee of Management attended a workshop facilitated by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Public Land Management, Port Phillip Region to workshop the various issues challenging the Committee in managing the Reserve and discussed options for resolving the identified issues. These options were then used to form the basis of the management actions which were then prioritised accordingly.


This was an important process in developing this plan and included consultation with DSE, CEC and Melbourne Water personnel. Other stakeholders will be invited to comment on this draft plan.

Land Status and Management Responsibilities 

The Guy’s Hill Conservation Reserve (the Reserve) is Crown land reserved temporarily for camping and water purposes and public purposes pursuant to the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 (Government Gazette 1881 p. 1389, 1911 p. 291, 1915 p. 2036). The Reserve reference number is 1202552 and it is made up of Crown allotments, 71A, 201070A, 2007.

The Reserve is managed by the Cardinia Environment Coalition Inc. (the CEC). The CEC is appointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change to manage, improve, maintain and control the land for the purposes for which it is reserved.

The CEC was appointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in 2008. The CEC as an entity is a Committee of Management, with members of the CEC also being members of the Committee.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) acts as the landowner of Crown land and delegates the management responsibilities to Committees of Management. DSE provides advice and guidance to Committees and assists Committees to resolve issues and build relationships with their key stakeholders. Committees are eligible to apply for various grants via DSE. Committees are required to provide financial or audited statements to DSE and can request assistance or advice as required.

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