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Our Privacy Policy

Cardinia Environment Coalition is committed to protecting personal information about our clients, donors, employees and volunteers. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality of services and integrity in all of our dealings. To that end, we will only collect, store, use and disclose personal information as needed to:


  • Undertake activities including:
    • volunteer recruitment and referral
    • training and workshops
    • research studies
  • Establish and maintain relationships with our clients
  • Establish and maintain relationships with our donors
  • Establish, maintain or terminate relationships with our employees and volunteers
  • Administer our society
  • Meet insurance, legal, regulatory or statutory requirements


We will inform the individual from whom personal information is being collected of our purposes and ensure such individuals have consented to our collection, use, storage or disclosure of the personal information for the purposes we have indicated.


When possible we will collect any required personal information directly from the individual to whom it pertains. We will not collect, use, store or disclose an individual's personal information except in accordance with the law.


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